Microsoft Steve Ballmer

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Academy (now known as Infopedia Media) is Microsoft’s internal video sharing platform. It is video for enterprise (like YouTube for the enterprise) and it is one of the top five most trafficked internal websites within Microsoft. In 2012 they commissioned a redesign of their existing product to match Microsoft’s new design philosophy “Windows 8 Style” formerly known as “Metro” and create a mobile responsive experience.

One of Academy’s main features is the channel experience. A channel is a subset of videos that relate to a specific topic, such as an industry, a product, or a person. We designed the very first channel in 2008 for Kevin Turner’s series “Wireside Chat” and continued to design over 50 channels for the next 4 years.

As a precursor to this redesign effort, we started with then CEO Steve Ballmer’s channel on Academy and redesigned it to reflect Microsoft’s new design philosophy. This channel became known as “Steve’s Take”.