Journeys and Destinations Travel Blog

Wiland Media is a medium-sized digital marketing company located in Niwot, CO. Artifact has worked with them over the past two years developing internal tools to assist their team in the management of various digital marketing funnels. They recently launched a new campaign strategy that targets readers of higher-end blogs. They commissioned Artifact to design … Continue reading Journeys and Destinations Travel Blog

High Plains Harvest Church

Chevas Balloun of Artifact designed the original High Plains Harvest website years ago before the prevalence of mobile / responsive design. The church re-commissioned us to update the site’s imagery and style to warmer tones, improve readability, and implement a responsive website. The website features an integrated Google calendar that showcases upcoming events on the … Continue reading High Plains Harvest Church

I May Have Trolled a Competitor a Little Too Hard Or a Spammer A Little Too Softly

This is a bit of a lesson on how not to do email marketing or maybe just troll a spammer. This morning I get the following email: I understand the value of email marketing and I plan to do some, but right away the first sign that something is off is that there is an … Continue reading I May Have Trolled a Competitor a Little Too Hard Or a Spammer A Little Too Softly

Agile Health Website

Agile Health offers a product that allows users to manage their behavioral health through text messaging. They already had a great logo and solid brand, but their web presence was very outdated and it did not effectively communicate the value of their products. We started with their branding guidelines and created an interactive web experience … Continue reading Agile Health Website