Republic Services

Republic Services is a national waste management company. They wanted to develop an engaging training program to onboard new sales employees. Artifact was commissioned to develop the primary characters within the story and the scenes within the training program. Artifact contracted ThreeSeven Designs to create the characters while we focused on the scene and interface … Continue reading Republic Services

Locus Wines

Locus Wines commissioned several back labels for a number of their wines. The owner felt that most back labels on wines were rather boring and so his idea was to create infographics for the back label to make them more engaging. In addition to the back labels, the owner had also developed a wine club … Continue reading Locus Wines

Microsoft The Nemesis Project

The Nemesis Project was an innovative learning program that was aimed to be a highly engaging video training series inspired by the art style of Frank Miller coupled with a James-Bond-like story. The comic book characters were created by a separate organization, but we created all the web properties, badges, and additional graphics. The Nemesis … Continue reading Microsoft The Nemesis Project