Artifact Managed Hosting


Hosting is a monthly service for storing and serving your website on the Internet. There are different levels of Website Hosting, from non-managed shared hosting, premium shared hosting, and several levels of managed hosting.

Many clients are familiar with budget, non-managed, shared hosting offered by many providers where you pay ~$8-$15 a month to get your website online. With one of these options, your website will share a server with potentially thousands of other websites and these sites will run slow. With non-managed hosting, if something breaks or you get hacked, you’re on your own to fix it. You also have no access to modify the stack (software that runs the website) to improve speed and SEO performance. Artifact only offers managed hosting plans.

Artifact uses Google Cloud as the foundation of our hosting services, delivering extremely fast load times and fast server response times. We are committed to handling all your hosting needs so you can focus on your business.

Standard Managed Hosting — $125 / month

  • Daily backups that are kept for a minimum of 7 days
  • Common attack mitigation and 24/7 status monitoring
  • 24/7 logging and error review
  • Free SSL certificate renewals
  • Zero day automated CMS updates
  • Artifact’s custom, secure server stack providing stable peace-of-mind uptime
  • Contact support with a typical same-day response time
  • One free premium account at, our productivity web app, which to help you stay organized and provide the fastest, direct chat access to our team for any support requests

Premium Managed Hosting — $200 / month

  • Everything that is included in the standard hosting plan
  • 24/7 contact support with a typical one hour or less response time
  • Ongoing SEO Server optimizations
  • Tethered monitoring to two support agents via mobile notification service

Bulk Managed Hosting

Available upon request. Discounted rates are determined based on the nature of your hosting needs and number of sites.