I May Have Trolled a Competitor a Little Too Hard Or a Spammer A Little Too Softly

This is a bit of a lesson on how not to do email marketing or maybe just troll a spammer.

This morning I get the following email:

I understand the value of email marketing and I plan to do some, but right away the first sign that something is off is that there is an unsubscribe link. If this was a real person, then that wouldn’t be there. This means my website and email were captured somehow. Okay fine, but I can’t imagine what service or thing I may have subscribed to. I’m thinking “spammer”. But there’s an address in Austin, TX, hmmm. What do they do?

Managed Web Hosting? “Blazing fast performance” too?? Uhhh, that’s something we do. So I’m definitely thinking this is a spammer because if someone actually read anything on our landing page, they would have discovered that we’re a host and we also offer managed hosting. I send her this reply:

At this moment I feel largely unfulfilled with my response. I send off another reply:

I’m still not 100% sure if they are a spammer. I performed a “Who IS” and discovered they registered with a known host, Gandi.net, so who knows. Still not feeling quite fulfilled, I sent off one last email that contained the following two images taken from Google PageSpeed Insights:

They haven’t responded.